Anmeldung Oldtimertreffen 25. August 2018

Am Samstag, den 25.08.2018 findet in diesem Jahr das 18. Oldtimertreffen auf dem Markt der Stadt Brandis statt.
Hier finden Interessierte die Einladung und den vorläufigen Zeitplan sowie das Anmeldeformular.

The basis for municipal self-administration is the Sächsische Gemeindeordnung, the Saxon municipalities ordinance. As a legal entity under public law, a municipality requires organs in order to be capable of functioning. According to the Sächsische Gemeindeordnung these are the district council (in Brandis the town council) and the mayor. Both of these are appointed in direct elections. The town council and the mayor do not differ in ranking, instead they deal with different tasks.

The right to municipal self-administration also provides authority to regulate all matters of the local community via statutes. The most important municipal statute is the main statute. This illustrates the constitution of the municipality and supplements municipal constitutional law. In the main statute of the town of Brandis, for example, it is stated which tasks are the responsibility of the mayor and town council, which committees need to be formed and what tasks are to be undertaken by the councils of the town's respective districts.