Here we are gradually reworking forms or placing them online for direct use in applications and other purposes.

To display the forms you need to have a PDF programme installed on your computer (e.g. Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader). To fill out please save the form first on your computer and then open it as a PDF programme.

Please also note the instructions for use and licence terms of the software manufacturer.

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Bürgersprechstunde online von Dienstag, dem 28. Juli 2020

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Die nächste Bürgersprechstunde findet am Donnerstag, 27. August, 17 Uhr statt.

14.08.2020, 20:00
18.08.2020, 14:00
Geselliger Nachmittag
19.08.2020, 14:00
03.09.2020, 07:30
Busfahrt nach Bad Schlema

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