Whrkirche Beucha

It is the landmark of Brandis, with its own sign on the autobahn: Beucha church. Strolling in Beucha from the Kirchberg through the gateway of the water tower up to the pleasant old village church, nothing appears unusual at first sight. However, looking over the stone walls next to the church it becomes evident that the church stands right on the edge of a quarry. The hill on which the church stands was continuously excavated from the 15th century onwards, with the consequence that the church now stands on the edge of a near vertical slope. In the old quarry - last used in the 1950s - a small lake has formed, in which residents cool off from time to time on warm days, having first negotiated the difficult access.

By the way, the stone for the Battle of Nations Monument in Leipzig came from this quarry. An excursion to the church with a short walk around the lake is well worthwhile in the summer months in particular, where the church is open on Sundays from 2 pm - 5 pm.


  • 1000-1200 Kirchberg is a Slavic religious site; thereafter a mission in this area. Tower and vestry are the oldest parts of the church. The red tendril painting in the tower dates from this time
  • 1284 First mention of the village in a deed, name at that time "Bichin"
  • 1429 Hussites burn down the village and church; reconstruction: new, small nave facing west is added
  • 1529 Reformation in Beucha (year in weathervane); Kirchbruch quarry is established, with many other quarries in the area
  • 1813 Battle of Nations at Leipzig; Cossacks loot the rectory, stealing the communion silver
  • 1847 Demolition of the nave; construction of a larger one and incorporation of the pulpit altar; consecration of the church (present-day nave); the pastor at the time, Stephani, supported the preservation of the church, which was to be demolished due to the intense use of the quarry; grave at entrance to the church
  • 1945 Bombing: church roof and organ severely damaged
  • 1946-47 Emergency repairs
  • 1989- 1997 Extensive maintenance work on the church (documentation signs) colour scheme and interior based on records from around 1900
  • 31/10/1997 Re-consecration of Bergkirche Beucha
  • 16/04/2006 Re-inauguration of the Schmeißer organ after 17 years

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